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A flash of colorful beads around your wrist brightens your day and dresses up any outfit, even a well-worn pair of jeans. Whenever you reach for your keys or purse, the fake messika jewelry offers a pleasant distraction from the task at hand. Bracelets are perfect for my on-the-go life—I usually snap one around my wrist before running out the door

Choose beaded bracelets that best suit to choose from each day. The understated elegance of the Chained Pearls and the Stone, Glass and Pearl Thirds bracelets are ideal for the workplace. The tiny, swinging crystals in the messika bracelet replica strung with flat pearls and the bright crystals in the Sparkle Bicone Bracelet will shimmer around your wrist, making them the perfect accompaniment to formal wear for evenings out on the town. If you’re looking to add a little whimsy to your everyday style, try the unique Copper Tones Bracelet or the playful bracelet made of wired beads and fastened with a heart clasp.

fake Messika Necklace

If you have beads on hand, select a project that will best utilize your stash. For instance, single-strand bracelets like the Button Clasp Bracelet use smaller quantities of different bead varieties, whereas the multistrand Yellow Turquoise cheap messika diamond bracelet requires five lengths of identical beads. Always save your leftover beads, and when looking over the projects in this book, you’ll discover matching earring designs that complement the bracelets.

button clasp messika move bracelet knockoffs

You don’t always need traditional replica messika jewelry clasps on hand when you’re beading. Look through a button jar to find the perfect clasp for this bracelet—after all, buttons are as varied and interesting as beads and clasps. And they’re often one-of-a-kind, especially the vintage variety. If you prefer gold buttons, simply switch to gold stringing wire and gold-finished crimps, spacers and frame beads.

one • To create the beaded loop that will be a 12″ (30cm) length of wire and form a loop by putting both ends of the wire through a crimp tube and flattening it to secure the loop. Make sure the loop is big enough to accommodate the button you are using for the clasp. Test the loop size before crimping.

two • String on a beads, using bead caps to accent bigger beads.

three • Continue to string beads, occasionally accenting one bead with a silver frame bead, until you have 6½” (17cm) of beading.

four • Attach the button to the end of the wire with a crimp tube and use the crimping pliers to flatten it. Trim away the excess tail with wire cutters.